Workshop «Testing through the antenna – How 5G mmW changes testing»

November 25, 2021, 14:00-15:00 (Moscow time), Zoom

Speaker: Karthikesh Raju, Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Position: Director, Business Development and Partnerships

Degree: PhD (2006), MBA (2020)

Professional experience:

Karthikesh Raju brings a diverse set of experience over the last 20 years working in research to product development to standards and market development. After completing his Phd on Statistical signal processing  applications to wireless signals, Karthikesh had the joined Elektrobit where he was involved in the development of WiMAX base station particularly in the development of digital pre-distortion techniques. Later at Anite, he was involved in the development of MIMO OTA standards both in 3GPP and CTIA where he championed the anechoic chamber methodology leading to its successful adoption as a baseline in both 3GPP and CTIA for LTE device testing.

Subsequent to this, he was involved in the development of the MIMO OTA market promoting Keysight Propsim channel emulation products to end users. With his efforts, Propsim is the leading channel emulator for MIMO OTA measurements. Later, he was involved as an OTA planner helping set Keysight’s OTA strategy and plan Keysight’s OTA products.

Karthikesh is now the Director of business development looking into building the Nordics and the Russia/CIS market along with building partnerships with key customers and operators in that region.

Conference regulations

Session 1. Emitters and Elements of Antenna Paths

Session 2. Lens Antennas and Antenna Arrays

Session 3. Simulation in Antenna Technology

Session 4. Antenna Measurements

Session 5. Smart Antennas and Signal Processing