Information for Authors

Procedure for the registration to the Conference

Until August 30 September 6, 2021 – participants register to the Conference (it is impossible to make changes to the application after clicking the "Register" button, if you need to make changes contact the organizing committee). 

Until September 20, 2021 – the authors submit papers through conference's system.

The papers must follow Manuscript Template for Conference Proceedings.

The paper file name should be: the name of the author who will present the paper at the Conference_ the first word of the paper title (e.g. Petrov_Problems.doc).

Please mind that the paper volume should not exceed the limit of 4 pages. The percentage of originality must be at least 70%.

Until October 4 October 15, 2021 – submitted papers will undergo peer review. The Organizing Ccommittee will send a response either confirming the acceptance of the paper, or with a request to correct the paper to the speaker's e-mail specified during registration.

Until October 11, 2021 – the authors submit final full papers.

Until October 25, 2021 – after receiving confirmation of paper acceptance, authors should pay the Conference fee and submit a scanned copy of the payment through conference's system.

Until November 8, 2021 – please send an information about the authors who will participate in the Conference to

Until November 15, 2021 - the opportunity to apply for an electronic certificate of the participant (by e-mail of the organizing committee)

November 24 - 26, 2021 - days of the conference.

The Program and Organizing committees reserve the right to reject the application for participation in the conference. 

Required Files